February 23, 2009

Too Many Tweets

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This is the message I received when I tried to log on to my Twitter account this morning. I have to admit, I'm surprised. To me, microblogging seems like a social media fad that has no shelf life. I mean, isn’t facebook enough? Not to mention MySpace, and LinkedIn? Do we really have time to let our…uh tweeps? tweeple? know what we’re doing every five minutes, while following everyone else’s tweets as they uh… twit…their…tweets? I can’t even keep up with the Twitter jargon. How much longer can we take it? Apparently, a while. Twitter recently received another $35 million in funding.



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I felt the same way about twitter (why would I use that?) until I fell headfirst into using it for a campaign. Now I'm in love. But I can't describe the love to you in any way that would make sense, you just have to experience it for yourself. The closest I can get is to say that facebook is to twitter as email is to IM. They each have their place and the conversations you have over one wouldn't necessarily happen over the other.

Gotta love the fail whale!

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