May 20, 2009

The New Immaculate Connection

IPope Orange
In case you were starting to wonder "is there any one left in this world who is not on facebook," the answer is now officially, 'no.' That's right, Pope Benedict XVI is coming to a social network near you.

The fact that America's youth is losing the faith is no new news, but who ever thought we'd see the day when the Vatican would do something about it through new media technology?

The new Pontifical Council for Social Communications has been charged with finding new ways to talk to young people about Catholicism. All I can say is, I grew up in the wrong time.  I could have really used an iPhone app to serve as a cheat sheet for memorizing the Apostles' Creed or to remember which Mystery I'm supposed to be mediating on while praying the Rosary. Or at the very least, something to keep me awake on those Sundays when the Homily was especially long.

Oh well, here's to wishing the Holy City social media success!



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