January 26, 2010

2010: The Year of the Overshare

Ever heard of the term, TMI? It has become the known abbreviation for a commonly used term, ‘too much information’. This year, people have too gotten comfortable with social media and now feel the need to frequently update us on their thoughts and activities.

I was going to start this post out by saying, "pretty soon people will be tweeting from the shower and the toilet, because they just need to let everyone know what they are doing and thinking".

Funny thing is that this morning, when I looked into today’s trending topics, I realized, "wow, people already are sharing what they are thinking while they are on the toilet". One of today’s trending topics is, #thoughtsonthetoilet.

Picture 1

Picture 2  
Picture 3  
Picture 4

Please note: I had to censor these tweets in the image above. I actually should not have eaten before looking into others #thoughtsonthetoilet. I figured I would save you all a trip to the bathroom.

GQ points those individuals who are known to over share their life story through Facebook, whether it be happy, sad, useless, or just inappropriate.

My advice to those tweeting in 2010: please do not share TMI.



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Social networking is certainly going to be the wave of the future. Sometimes users obviously have different comfort levels of when, why and how they will use it.

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