February 16, 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday


Despite the big super bowl win this year, New Orleans has experienced some lows, namely Katrina, that have earned them a not-so-solid reputation across the country.

Inspired by the power of social media transmitting real-time information during large events in recent months, a local NOLA agency ad man decided to change the public view of Mardis Gras via social media.

His mission:  Use mommy bloggers, food writers and Tweeted photos of families enjoying Mardi Gras to make people realize that Fat Tuesday does not have to be a half-naked, debauchery-filled drunk-fest. Especially not if you have children.

His methods: a web site and Twitter.

I can't help but think of Las Vegas' attempt to market themselves as "family-friendly" and what a big disaster that was.

Is New Orleans making a big mistake with this campaign? Don't people want the naked bead swaps and the insane drunk-fest that is Bourbon street? Will marketing to families with children be a huge turn off for the half-naked, drunken fan base that crowds the city's streets and runs up local bar tabs? I've never actually experienced Mardi Gras, so maybe I'm just another one of those ignorant people this campaign is trying to educate.

What's your take? This could get interesting.



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Marketing to families with children these days seems to only just barely beat out marketing to drunken lecherous idiots. A few more years and it will be pointless everywhere...


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