February 17, 2010

True colors...shining through


What does your favorite color say about you? More than you think! The Dewey Color System is the world’s most accurate, non-language, color-based career test. Instead of questions, pick your favorite colors to identify your greatest occupational interests, uncover your best-fit job, reveal workplace core competencies with advice on improvement, and depict your personality. And all in a measly 60 seconds.

Sound too good  and easy to be true? It is, thanks in large part to Dewey Sadka, who spent 16 years perfecting this colored career evaluation that calculates 27 different personality types and over 1,000 career choices. With a 750,000+ sample base, accuracy levels are over 80% higher than other current personality and career tests, including Myers Briggs.

The Dewey Color System was recently put to the test when nearly 900 members of USA Today’s CEO panel took the color test. Compared to the general public, CEOs prefer magenta and disregard red and yellow. This color preference reveals that the typical CEO is wired differently – more sensitive and private than the average person, and less dominant and confident.

I took the test and it was bizarrely spot on. According to the Color Career Counselor, I am a CREATOR. I’m "nonconforming, impulsive, expressive, romantic, intuitive, sensitive and emotional." It states that I place a high value on aesthetic qualities, have a great need for self-expression, enjoy working independently, being creative, using my imagination and constantly learning something new.

Suggested creator occupations catalogued a wide-ranging list of careers that included jobs I've once upon a time pondered (interior decorator, architect, broadcaster), jobs that others have told me I would be good at (photographer, English teacher), and jobs that are interrelated to my current occupation (public relations, advertising executive, creative director).

Skeptical? Take the test and judge for yourself!



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