April 30, 2010

Excited Intern Meets the Pure Blog: A Love Story

In our industry, blogging and social media are a must.  I can’t tell you how many times I have given recommendations in classes, internships, or to clients about the importance of utilizing these free tools.  However, when it comes to my own blogging, I would be best described as my own worst nightmare.  I have made sporadic attempts at posting my thoughts on things like music, culture, politics, and technology.  Although the musings were fun, they were far from consistent, and as a busy grad student, blogging never truly found its way into my normal schedule.

Despite my lack of attention to my own blog, I am an avid blog reader.  Each day my Google Reader is filled with hundreds of posts, including this very blog you are reading now.  As I sit here typing my second blog post for Pure, I feel safe in telling you that as much as I wanted to be the next Pure intern, I also really wanted to be their next blog contributor.

Why the passion for blogs, you ask?  They’re cool, duh!  More importantly I have seen first hand how blogging can transform a brand, company, or non-profit from a mysterious ghost to an engaging source of information and ideas.  Blogging truly puts you in front of an active audience.  Consistent blogging has the ability to reach important reporters, influential people and create the image that you are the “go-to” source for a specific topic or idea.

If your group or organization does not have a blog, or the current blog is gathering dust and cobwebs, I urge you to hop on the blog train.  It’s fun, fulfilling, and a great way to flesh out those important ideas.  Most importantly, you will be joining a conversation and becoming an active voice for yourself, your company, or your ideas.

All of us here at Pure love a good blog, so please, share your favorites with us.  Leave us a comment with your favorite blogs and tell us why they rock.

Happy blogging!





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