April 28, 2010

Social Media or Narcissist Media? And Where's The Analytics?


Earlier this year the team at Pure took turns blogging about their predictions for media in 2010. My prediction was social media sites will incorporate better tracking tools to show interactive success and these B2B or B2C sites will only be successful if there is ongoing communications with the members/customers of these sites.

If there is no two way communication the site/page comes across more as Narcissistic. I'm sure you all have experienced the friend who has hundreds or maybe thousands of connections and posts about everything from what they had for breakfast, what trail they ran on that morning, up to what business deal they are working on.  It's great when they reply to your comments to them. But there are several however that don't send anything back. If companies are like that their use of Facebook and other social media is a waste of time. Be active (every day), add great content, start interesting conversations and keep the converation two way. Reply!

Unfortunately, I feel many companies still need to work on this. Social Media should not be just a place to post your latest press release. That's the bad news.

The good news is that there are more and more measurement tools to see how you are doing with your sites, especially with Facebook. A recent ClickZ News headline "Facebook Analytics War Heats Up". WebTrends, Omniture, Kontagent, and others are building and refining their tools. The over 400 million on Facebook has really heated up the competition.  

This is great news for marketing teams to show better results of their efforts, or better yet to show where they can improve.

Reply. Measure. Learn.

- John


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