April 28, 2010

The Only Brand That Matters, or, How Punk Rock and PR Mix

    Way back in 1978, The Clash proclaimed themselves “the only band that matters,” a bold and decisive statement, that many (including myself) would argue is still true today.  Growing up, I ate, slept, and breathed music and like many kids before me, and hopefully many to come, punk rock saved my life.  I know, I know, extremely cliché. However, looking back on my experiences, the argument can be made that a movement like punk really can have a lasting impact.

    By the age of 16, I was learning guitar, playing music, and helping to promote bands and shows in the local Boise scene.  Back then, MySpace was new and cool, and sites like PureVolume reigned supreme in the blossoming world of online music.  It seemed only natural that the music I loved, bands I promoted, and scene I was involved in would gravitate towards that type of open, free, and accessible online community.

    It wasn’t until I got to college, and more importantly, when I began taking public relations and journalism classes, that I realized that the sites I was promoting music on were, in fact, social media sites.  The same DIY (Do It Yourself) work ethic that punk rock is built around seemed to be popping up more and more in my projects and classes. It makes sense that sites like Twitter and Facebook are very quickly changing the way that companies communicate in all fields. 

    A start-up, much like a new band, now has the tools to reach millions of people, talk about issues that are important, and provide us with products that impact our lives, all with that same DIY approach.  Ultimately, these companies now have the ability to communicate effectively and become “the only BRAND that matters.”

    Although my Mohawk may be gone, the tattoos, memories, lessons and most importantly the work ethic from punk rock still remains.  They are tools and experiences that I bring to work and school with me every day. 

Twitter: @savestheclash


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