April 23, 2010

Why Nestlé Should Take the Conversation Outside

We asked for your thoughts, loyal blog readers, on what Nestlé should do to solve its current social media crisis. Unfortunately, no one responded! So, you're stuck with my thoughts today.

Nestlé's larger operational issues are complex and clearly go beyond social media but the first step is easy - take it outside. The issues aren't going anywhere and neither are Nestlé's detractors. Shutting down the Facebook page isn't a good option because conversation will just continue in another venue, one that Nestlé may not be able to be a part of. However, keeping the conversation on Nestlé's current Facebook page is also not a good solution. Its Facebook page is a place for fans to engage with the brand and share information. It's not a place for social activists to take over the entire conversation with their issues. It's also not the appropriate place for Nestlé to respond to the accusations it's receiving, especially in the tone and manner in which it has been. So, take the conversation elsewhere.

Take it to a place where those most concerned with the issues at hand can engage in a dialogue to find a solution, rather than just continue the heated and sarcastic conversation on Facebook. What does this place look like? It should be a microsite with a dedicated forum where people can have a dialogue about their issues. A moderator will monitor the conversation, respond in a respectful and appropriate manner to questions and correct misinformation but for the most part, the conversation should exist on its own. This way, issues can get resolved by the people that actually care about it. The people that followed the crowd and got caught up in the hype of bashing Nestlé simply because everyone else was doing it will naturally die off when the conversations moves to a less public arena. And, those that have legitimate issues to discuss can actually engage with one another to solve problems, rather than just making useless noise.




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I can deal with your thoughts. better than anything I would have thrown out there. Thanks!

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