May 07, 2010

Non Profits and Facebook, a Winning Combination


If you are involved with a non profit organization or ever have been you know how much of a daily struggle it is to get donations. You may also know that a majority of donations come from small amounts of money from many individual contributors. 

The internet not only helps any size business compete it also helps any sized non profit organization. Facebook allows you to add to your online presence, connect and reconnect with members/contributors, and have them talk about you with their friends. 

Remember the shampoo commercial where the woman loved her new shampoo and she told two friends "and they told two friends, and so on". The good news is with Facebook they are telling hundreds or thousands of friends. Why not start a conversation about your favorite charity? Make sure they have a Facebook page and share it.

Facebook has a great resource for non profits. Check it out here. 

I am also adding a link to Inside Facebook's 10 Tips for Non-Profits on Facebook:

Follow the link for details. I am adding my editorial for #4 Be Active and #5 Talk Back.

Make sure you are active with your Facebook page on a daily basis, start conversations, respond to people who post information or questions. Did I mention be active on a daily basis? Get all the staff to contribute as well as nurture some active volunteers to be active. Add photos from events, great content, links to your donation page, and above all include info about your Facebook page in your email newsletter, your direct mail newsletter, your website, your direct mail pieces. And be sure to contribute daily on your Facebook page. Did I mention that already?

Be sure to ask everyone who "likes" your page to tell others about you. You'll see your individual donations increase.

This blog would not be complete without a link to my favorite charity's Facebook page. Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.

Thank you!




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