May 24, 2010

The Next Evolution of Augmented Reality

Boulder-based TagWhat has created a new application for Android - and very recently, it seems, for iPhone - allowing you to share "tags" real time with friends in what TagWhat calls the "new social augmented reality network."

If you know our agency at all, you may have noticed the battle that has ensued among several Puritans as Foursquare has allowed us to seize Mayoral ownership and bragging rights over dozens of Denver landmarks (mostly highly coveted? Our favorite breakfast destination, Snooze).

What will TagWhat mean for Pure Mayorship and more importantly, the social media world? At a networking event last week, I brought this up to a PR professional who responded: "I'm already Facebook 'liking,' Tweeting, posting articles to LinkedIn... how are people supposed to have time for anything else?!"

What do you think... will TagWhat and similar platforms live up to the hype, and will they find a place in an already crowded online environment?

-- Kate


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You make an excellent point, Brett.

Oh come on. Is there REALLY anything more important than Pure Mayorship?

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