June 29, 2010

June 30 is Social Media Day!


If you think July 4th is the next holiday, you are mistaken my friend. The holiday that should be up next on your Outlook Calendar is Social Media Day!

Mashable, everybody's favorite social media resource blog, has declared June 30 as ‘Social Media Day’, a day to “celebrate the revolution of media becoming social”, Mashable said.

And just how do you partake in Social Media Day festivities? Why you organize a real-life meetup so that you can tweet, FourSquare and update your Facebook profiles in the company of fellow social media mavens.

Upon announcing this day of internet networking celebration, Mashable set up Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Flickr albums devoted to the holidaTo make the holiday all the merrier, Mashable will give a prize to those who tweet or post to Facebook about the celebration.

Visit the official Social Media page for more information.

Follow the event on Twitter at @mashSMday

Happy Social Media Day everyone! 

P.S. No, this picture is not of Pureitans - but replace those cups with iPhones and it will be tomorrow!


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