June 08, 2010

  Picture 2

Now imagine this:

You are a senior-level executive working in the advertising industry. You are sitting in your office. Your calendar is open. Your inbox read. The latest issue of Ad Age is old news. You’ve got a few extra minutes, a high-speed Internet connection and a comfortable chair, so why not Google yourself? You type in your name and with a quick click of the mouse you’ve got nine pages of results to go through. Funny thing is, the first result isn’t your LinkedIn profile, but a direct message to you. How are you feeling now? Wondering if setting up a Facebook page to check in on your kids was a bad idea? Waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop up with the “Punk’d” crew?  Maybe just a little bit intrigued? You click to see what this is all about and find out it's a job seeker who purchased a Google advertisement that shows up when your name is searched. Only slightly disappointed that you missed out on meeting Ashton Kutcher, you think about how really ingenious this character is. Meh, it’s worth giving him a call. Got your attention.

Alec Brownstein obviously had something going for him here. Based on the comments alone, depending on who you are, there could be all kinds of things showing up when you Google your name. Is this where the future of communicating with employers is headed? More than that, is this where the future of getting anyone's attention is headed? Let's just say it got my gears turning.

- Allison


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