June 22, 2010

Which way to MANver, Colorado?

As Denverites, we rank at the top of lists for the healthiest, greenest, and economically sound cities in America. However, sorry Denver males, you're acceptance of yoga and ability to embrace nice smelling personal hygiene products is killing our chances of making the Mars Inc. COMBOS List of America's Manliest Cities. Yes, I know that sometimes you just like to go to a club and dance and that finding the right pair of jeans feels great, but don't you think that telling your friends that a poll named for a cheese-filled pretzel snack ranked your home the manliest city trumps trousers that hug your curves? Step it up. The official salty and savory snack of NASCAR has standards, and as of now, you're coming in five strokes under par. 

Just what is the judging criteria for a list sponsored by a pre-packaged good with more preservatives that the DAM King Tut exhibit? Well, it takes into account the total number of pick-up trucks, home improvement stores, steak houses and motorcycles per capita. No, tandem bicyscles, Michael's craft stores, tapas bars serving steak tartare, and scooters don't qualify. The fact that you ask drop-kicks you into the "un-manly" category. Well, Denver men, you're best bet now is to become the city with the strongest worth ethic, becuase you have a long way to go before you can even think about getting back to the top of this list.


Well, just goes to show you that sometimes what is more interesting about polls and rankings is where those polls and rankings come from. 

Signing off.

- Allison


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