July 26, 2010


Old Spice

With an immaculately wrapped towel, a baritone bellow and an impressive set of hand weights in his bathroom, the Old Spice guy took the advertising world by storm. Demonstrating yet again the strength of social media, the innovative pairing of chiseled abs and user generated content has been touted as one of the most brilliant campaigns ever. However, it begs the question of if a scantily-clad former football star saying socially awkward things mid-scrub really make people want to buy Old Spice deodorant? TIME magazine and WARC advertising news service say it didn't. The reason being, it is just too focused on the ladies - and maybe a little too funny.

As both a lady and a fan of a good laugh, I suppose I wouldn't want my man to smell like a man I once laughed at for being "that guy" on a YouTube. In real life upon smelling the sting of Old Spice, I would probably make some awkward comment about a preference eyes in a cello-like verbrato instead of sliding a napkin with my phone number on it across the bar. I think we can agree that neither one of us looks attractive in that situation.

Oh well. Though not a catalyst for a long term relationship, the campaign certainly secured the sustainability of social media campaign. Maybe Domino's will have more luck with their Twitter/Facebook proverb campaign. Maybe not so visual, but still poses a great opportunity to poke fun at pop culture.


Old Spice was dead. Irrelevant. Before increasing sales, WK had to find new consumers and convince them the brand was even worthy of consideration. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like accomplishes that.

I wouldn't be surprised if the brand sees a short-term decline in sales, because this campaign could alienate current users. But in the long-term, I think Old Spice is poised for a breakthrough.

Hopefully they can maintain the momentum they've created.

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