September 19, 2007

CBS's meat wrapper campaign: Right place & time

Denver_ad_agency_pure_brand_communi Advertisers always talk about needing to be in the right place at the right time to effectively speak with consumers. Well kudos to whoever helped CBS advertise to me on the wrapper of the marinated steak I bought at Safeway.

Right Place: I saw the ad for CBS's TV show How I Met Your Mother when I went to start dinner in the kitchen, which is just 15 feet from my TV.

Right Time: I went shopping on the weekend, like many of us do, and I happened to open up my steak on Monday night at dinner time (7 p.m.). And then the wrapper kindly tells me about a nice family show that will be on Monday night at 8 o'clock, right after my dinner. Wow.

They served me an ad right next to my TV on the perfect day and time for me to act on it. Now, I happen to not be a sitcom guy, so of course I didn't watch it. BUT I almost wanted to, just to reward that well-targeted placement.    --Ken


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