September 24, 2007

Start your day right at Coffee Mornings

Pure_brand_communications_coffee_mo Need to tell you about a great idea for us Denver marketing folks. Sean Miller has set up and promotes Coffee Mornings every first and third Friday at 8 a.m. at Common Grounds in Denver.

Had my inaugural visit on Friday and found a very laid back discussion at the big table in the back room. We talked about recent campaigns we liked, fun websites, and interesting industry trends. As Sean put it: "I am not a moderator and don't have a planned agenda or discussion topics". So it was perfect. Some people in the room were agency people, some belonged to marketing associations (the AMA in Colorado), and some were job seekers trying to figure out what's new in Denver marketing. A good mix.

Topics ranged from Denver Water's 'Stop Running Water' campaign which appeared at last weekend 's CU game, the Simpsonize Me site, Brittney's VMA debacle, and how marketers could better use Google Earth. I left early, but I am sure there was even more.   Anyway, it was a good time, and worth the visit. Cheers Sean!     Sean provides a more detailed recap of the morning here.    ---Ken


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Thanks for coming by Ken, and cheers for the writeup. I'll be posting a recap soon. See you at the next one, 10/5.

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