October 19, 2007

Networking at Denver Coffee Mornings

Denver_coffee_mornings Attended my second Denver Coffee Mornings today to check in on the gang at Common Grounds, and was pleased to see many familiar faces and even a few people that asked how the blog was doing. After my first visit last month I was excited to see what topics would be discussed. And I love how the conversation flows effortlessly from pop culture to branding to Denver events and speakers to job searches and then usually back to marketing.

Here's a recap of some of the topics we discussed:

  • Secret networking conferences in Mexico
  • Andrew Hudson, and how well connected he is
  • Monday's Apetoberfest networking event at the Denver Zoo
  • Craigslist, as a website it's an anomoly but works so damn well
  • Integer, a training ground for so any talented Denver marketing professionals
  • Blue Modus, a back end website developer in Denver
  • Comedy Works and the science of writing good comedy (a laugh every 15 seconds)
  • What consumers want by Tony Ulwick  - do consumers have latent needs?

Sean Miller hosts these things, read more on his blog.    ---Ken


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