November 05, 2007

Caffeine-induced brainstorming at coffee mornings


I'm a big fan of coffee-inspired ideas, so since Ken couldn't make it to Sean Miller's latest coffeehouse at Common Grounds, I decided to swing by and see what it was all about.

Apparently this week was a little different than normal. We actually had a brainstorming session for a "Planning for Good" assignment regarding a UNICEF fundraiser. You can read the brief on Sean's blog. We really focused on after-Christmas fundraising ideas, and in particular, ways to draw people and funds in online (since Planning for Good does a lot of outreach through their Facebook Group).

If you spend most of your week researching in front of your computer, this is a great way to really jump start your brain and get the ideas flowing. And interns, these meetings are a fantastic networking opportunity. I was only there for an hour and heard of two to three companies potentially hiring.   --Sarah


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