June 12, 2008

'50' is Nifty, Spiffy, and Several Other Substantive Adjectives

Yesterday, Denver copywriter Matt Ingwalson's "'50' is Nifty"  ran as an op-ed piece in AdWeek. Aside from how much we love how that man writes, we also love how The Denver 50 is getting exactly the kind of attention that everyone hoped that it would. Thanks to guys like Matt writing about it, guys like John Amatucci wining ADDYs for it and, perhaps most importantly, all of the Denver agencies who were wise enough to agree that a book was better than a trophy, Denver is nestling nicely into the map of influential ad towns. Not to say that we weren't there before, now we're just more Google-able. And according to some article we just read, Google is huge.


*And special thanks to The Denver Egotist, who tells us what the rest of us should brag about first.


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