March 09, 2010

2-D Barcodes, For Real!

They’re happening. They’re really, really happening. Forget fuzzies, puffies and oilies (the stickers I collected growing up), now kids on the playground will be trading barcodes with much more than just a picture. When scanned, these barcodes will lead you to a photo, text, video or voice note when using Stickybits. Needless to say, these kids on the playground would need an iPhone or Android, but its 2010 and, sadly, they probably do.

You need to download the application on your smart phone and then you can activate any barcode, or buy barcode stickers of your own. A pack of 20 vinyl barcode stickers is $10. This sounds like one of those awesome forms of technology that you see when you go on a trip to Japan and you tell all your friends in the US about. In case I got you wondering, Japan was doing this in '08.

Gregg mentioned 2-D barcodes in a post back in January and everyone here at Pure has been infatuated with the idea of having the option of sharing websites and media through one picture but now with SXSW just around the corner, this product will officially be launching as a consumer product, available for anyone. You can use it for personal messages like attaching the code to a birthday card, food boxes, and posters. What will I be using Stickybits for? A new era, tech-savvy scavenger hunt….

 Picture 16

Even their graphics are really, ridiculously cute.



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