March 19, 2010

Link Building And Digital Marketing Basics

Social Media marketing continues to grow from experimental to must have, that increases the importance of including social media as part of your overall digital marketing strategy, not to be your only digital marketing strategy. As an example here are 6 ways to increase "link building" to drive traffic to your web site and help improve your organic search results.

1. Email Newsletter and blog campaigns: Email newsletter and blog campaigns with links back to your web site will increase your ranking as people click to learn more. Keep your newsletters and articles pertinent to your audience so they look forward to getting new info from you. Include industry specific best practices, white papers, webinars and include some humorous stories about your business community. And don't forget simple things like a link in your regular email's auto-signature.

2. Social Media: Social media with links back to your web site will increase your traffic and ranking as people click on the links on your Facebook fan page. Doing a good job with Facebook and having ongoing communication between you and your customers will keep it interesting and "real". Start a discussion about industry topics on LinkedIn groups (like I will do with this post), upgrade your business listing on LinkedIn, and tweet about your company's activities on twitter.

3. PPC: Pay Per Click will also increase organic search results as people are clicking on those ads back to your web site. PPC should be done well; perhaps you have multiple campaigns, multiple ads, all leading back to your web site which again will help with your organic search listing. 

4. Link Building Campaign (one of my favorites) for SEO: Many companies will have some kind of community area on their web site where they list companies they partner with, customers, non profits they work with, industry associations, trade publications, etc. Do this and ask them to include your web site link on their pages as well.

5. Web site optimization for SEO: be sure your web site is optimized for search engine optimization. Is the information there for the search engine spiders to crawl on and keep you ranked high on search results?

6. Traditional Media: Even traditional media marketing will help your search results if you have "calls to action" to visit your web site. Magazine ads, direct mailings, trade show handouts, business cards, etc.

The idea is to dramatically increase the traffic to your web site, and do it continually. Once there make sure your web site is interesting for your customers to learn more and optimized for conversion. That's a topic for another post.

- John



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