March 24, 2010

Meh. Snow's not that bad.

Well, I grew up in Minnesota where the two most exciting things in a child’s life were possible Big Foot sightings and snow days. Of course, all of us were outfitted with toboggans in the event our cars couldn’t make it out of the driveway and a keen senses of self defense should we have a run-in with a certain Yeti. So really, both events were rather rare.

After the Spring snow storm last night/this morning, I can’t deny that I thought all night about the potential snowmen I could make or  the forts I could hollow out in the snow mounds left by the plows. I knew I had a shovels somewhere, or at least a baking sheet that could be just as effective. All I needed at this point was to spot an over-sized, caveman-like footprint and it could shape up to be the greatest day of all time.

An e-mail went out to all the Puritans letting them know that working from home would be not only acceptable, but also advised given the forecast. I turned on the news to see canceled school listings dance across the bottom of the TV screen and a notable lack of effort to dig out the cars lining the streets outside. A snow day it was!

But no. No, no. The e-mails started trickling in. Dripping in as tentatively but as surely as the melting snow outside my window. Someone had made it in the office. Then another and another and another. The snow could not deter the Puritans. They were coming in to the office and that was final. No toboggan needed - just a spouse kind enough to dig out their vehicles and a Venti latte to sip on in the traffic. These champions laugh in the face of snow, saying “Hey you white stuff. Make my day.”

That being said, it’s time for me to follow suit, perhaps suit up in my traditional Minnesotan parka and mukluks, and head in as well. Wish me luck – but even more so, wish me a Big Foot sighting. It looks like there are no snow days for the Puritans. 

- Allison


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