March 08, 2010

Paper Cuts


In 2006, people sent 213 billion pieces of mail. By 2009, that was down to 177 billion. As reported by the L.A. Times, the Postal Service is heading to Congress today for permission to end Saturday delivery as  pain of paper cuts is felt. 

Many companies have questioned, considered and contemplated the realms of social media, online advertising and mobile applications. The changes at the Postal Service are yet another proof point that the moments of consideration are over as the mode of media consumption and communication has drastically shifted.

Newspapers are being read online, radio shows are accessed via podcasts and TiVos allow individuals to fast-forward through commercials. Letters are replaced by emails, many phone calls replaced by texts, and cards and invitations are sent through e-cards and e-vites. 

Long story short, the strategy is changing for marketers. Long over are the days of mass marketing. More so, I believe customer segmentation will be short-lived as technologies allow us to move to a market of one. Customers are telling us, on an individual level, how and when they want to be reached.

As the Saturday doors may close for the Postal Service, many more have opened. The only question that remains is when and which ones do you choose to enter?


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