March 22, 2010

The Healthcare Debate Via iPhone

A strange thing happened to me over the weekend. No, it has nothing to do with St. Mary's and Northern Iowa completely ruining my March Madness brackets, although something like that seems to happen about this same time each year.

Since my television was stuck on basketball games (March Misery in my case), I found myself watching and, at times, participating in the debate about health-care reform legislation entirely via social media - all on my iPhone no less. Twitter accounts such as @BreakingNews, @nprnews, @WSJ, @CNNbrk, @CNN, @foxnews and @shitmydadsays (kidding) provided blow-by-blow accounts of the debate (aka slaughter/carnage) in Washington, while my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts allowed for insight into my "friends" perspectives.

To think that three years ago I didn't even have an iPhone and had never heard of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Is all of that a good thing? Or, did I miss something by only being engaged in a very important issue in snip-its of 140 characters or less?

I'm honestly not sure. What I do know is that I watched my kids' swim practice, suffered through several basketball games, and attended a baby shower along with a multitude of other things while feeling like I wasn't missing a beat. 

- Larry

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