March 17, 2010

The new Twitter? Tweeting vs. Bubbling


Home to the magnificent Taj Mahal, the majestic Himalayas and the birth of Bollywood, India offers culture, art, history and…Bubbly. No, not the champagne, but a hot new voice-based, social-networking application that is the next best thing for India’s ample mobile users.

Ad Age reports that Bubbly has garnered more than 500,000 users – before its official launch – and ‘is growing virally and with virtually zero marketing spend.’

Similar to Twitter, people can send short messages and follow family, friends, brands and celebrities. Yet, instead of a typed message, users record an easy and personal voice message. Messages are usually around 30 seconds and have a cap of one minute. Once a message is sent, receivers get an alert and must pay for mobile airtime if they select to listen to the bubble.

Bubbly is the vision of Bubble Motion, a global provider of mobile messaging and social media applications. According to Bubble Motion CEO and President Tom Clayton, Bubbly will be zeroing in on markets with fast-growing cell phone users like India, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil, as opposed to the high volume web users in North America and Europe. Even Indian media networks are paying attention, with BBC being the first major brand to jump on the Bubbly board, testing ways to dish out breaking news. So, what are you waiting for? Start bubbling!



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