June 22, 2010

Email and Social Media, Competitors or Integration Partners?

I wrote about the future of email newsletter marketing earlier this year when all of the puritans wrote about their predictions for the coming year. I wrote that I thought even with the influx of social media email newsletters would still be king.

On Wednesday I'll be attending the Online Marketing Summit here in Denver. Several topics including the integration of email newsletters with social media. My next post will most likely include my thoughts from this day long conference.

In the meantime here are some highlights from an interesting article I read from emarketer.com entitled "The Future of Social/E-Mail Integration".

A Top Benefit of Integrating Social Media and email: Allow users to sign up for email newsletters directly from social media sites like Facebook. This tactic allows email marketers to grow their lists - cited as the top benefit of integrating social media and email -  by allowing consumers to use their channel of choice and sign up on their own terms.

The same article points out an increase of click through rates from 7.2% to 8.7% when including a social sharing option. And including as many as three different sharing options boosted the rate to 11.2%. That's a fantastic click through rate!

Are you integrating your email newsletters and social media?

My next blog post will have a recap of the Online Marketing Summit.

John Meyer @johndmeyer


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