August 05, 2010

2010 Prediction Coming True?


Back in January, all of us were posed with the question, "What will 2010 behold for our industry?" I chose to take a stance that even though new media sources will continue to have a large impact, traditional media was not going to fall to the wayside. They were going to start to integrate with one another and fill out as campaigns, as they should.

Based on a recent article posted on the Wall Street Journal, there seems to be a glimmer of hope for our old standbys. Television, specifically cable, advertising seems to be on the rise. Advertisers appear to be turning to the more targeted channels to reach their audience. Unfortunately, print isn't seeing as large of a swell. Newspaper ad dollars continue to fall, however there does seem to be some hope for vertical publications. Once again, a more defined reader base to hit a select group. It makes sense for advertisers to hone in on a defined demographic (Marketing 101) instead of going with the wide net approach. This coupled with a new media effort is a strong formula for creating campaign success.

I don't think that I should retire from the industry quite yet and pick up a crystal ball to start predicting the future, but I could be on to something.


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