August 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary Pure Brand Communications

Friday was Pure Brand Communications 7 year anniversary! 

What were some of the highlights of 2003?

  • Nobody was "friending" anyone on Facebook as it would not exist for another year.
  • Nobody was making calls on iPhones or reading books on iPads as it would be  a few more years for that technology.
  • Lance Armstrong won his 5th Tour De France
  • Do not call lists were started.
  • Toyota overtakes Chrysler to get the number three slot in US car sales.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California
  • The Matrix Reloaded was one of the popular movies of the year.
  • Gregg and Dan started Pure Brand Communications and a year later Larry would join them.

Congratulations to the team at Pure Brand Communications. By following the Pure manifesto, as well as being creative, smart, and energetic, the team has successfully helped many clients be famous for who they are.

Happy Anniversary!

John Meyer



Happy Birthday!

Congratulations and happy anniversary!

Paula Berg
Linhart PR

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