August 06, 2010

I’d Say the Billboards in Colorado are Some of the Best Dressed


So I have always thought of billboards as an outdated kind of advertising. They usually have sleazy slogans like the one by our office that says something like “Divorce in a Day.” But recently, advertisers in Denver have been doing amazing things with this “old school” kind of advertising. The first great campaign that I was aware of was the Denver Water “Use Only What You Need” campaign. It stressed saving water by making the pole of the billboard look like a hose tied in a knot or look like a pipe spewing water. Now, another Denver agency has taken it to the next level with billboards.

Amelie Company, in Denver, Colorado, did an amazing 3D billboard for the Colorado State Patrol emphasizing what could happen if you tailgate trucks on the road. This 3D billboard is crunched together simulating a rear-end collision between a car and a truck. Check out the pictures ( or They are also using magnet advertising on trucks that say, “Tailgating is for Sports, Not Trucks”, “Ride Halfpipes, Not Tailpipes” and my personal favorite “My Blindspot is Bigger than your Blindspot.” I feel it gets the point across. You can see this billboard on I-70 and Wadsworth Blvd.

 I would have to say that this isn’t any old billboard. 




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