October 13, 2010

Chile's Global Connection


Thirty-three miners were rescued in Chile's Atacama desert today. Miners were victim to a collapse on Aug. 5 that resulted in more than 700,000 tons of rubble collapsing around them. After 69 days trapped 2,300 feel below the surfact, they took their first fresh breath of freedom today.

What some of you may not have realized, is that they were welcomed back by the world. New York Times reported that the global community tuned in to the rescue is a phenomenon similar to the landing on the moon 41 years ago.

The conversation at our agency today quickly went from awe and fascination of the rescue, to the irony of the various forms of media consumption. I first became aware of the rescue when turning on FOX News this morning, then again on local news station 850KOA. Meanwhile, a fellow coworker was tuning in to live video stream being broadcast on a British news site.  Another (@Gilbanzo) followed footage across Twitter.

Media consumption can range from traditional, to web, to social, but the theme remains the same: rich content and connection. The various media channels provide a live connection that allows this occasion to be shared by the world. Whether you're in Colorado, England or China, you feel part of the rescue and witness to the miracle.

Let the conversation continue and tell us how you tuned in to the Chilean rescue.



Ugh, Anderson Cooper annoys me. He is so afraid to do anything controversial and only what will make him look good. Regardless, I'm glad that the miners were all rescued safely and I think you should discuss factor that Oakley played in the miner rescue.

I mean, it's tough when AC is asleep and not communicating. But, let's be honest, he's so cool he really doesn't need sleep, especially when news like this is happening. I just wish I had a better indication of when AC is sleeping and when he's awake, so I can plan my days more accordingly.

Anderson Cooper ONLY. Isn't that how everyone gets news these days???

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