October 06, 2010

It's The Content Stupid!


In the 1992 presidential campaign the slogan "It's the economy stupid" became the thing to talk about because that is what mattered most to the voters, just as it does today.

In digital marketing the thing that matters most is content. And the content must be outstanding. Whether you are promoting the latest white paper or ebook that will help your clients be successful, or promoting a video on youtube with a handsome stud riding a horse selling aftershave that smells like your grandpa. 

Is it relevant? is it interesting? Is it up to date? Last month I downloaded a white paper on social media and it was dated 2009. Really? With as fast as digital, online, social media changes the company couldn't at least update the date? It made me wonder how relevant the content was, and I did not share it, nor have I read it.

Before you get excited about blog posts, web site design, social media, email newsletters, mobile campaigns, step back and make sure you have content that matters to your clients. Is it something they will share on Facebook or LinkedIn? forward to a friend? add a link to your site in a blog they write?

In real estate they say it's location, location, location. In digital marketing it's content, content, content.

How do you make the content you have the key to your online success? Test what you have. Ask your clients what's important to them. Start a conversation on your social media sites, email newsletters, and blogs. They'll respond and your online converation will begin again.

John Meyer @johndmeyer


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