October 18, 2010

Pure perks

We can’t deny it, a sound set of benefits not only motivates employees to be productive and perform their best work, but also helps retain and attract employees, builds loyalty, increases profits and quite simply produces satisfied, happy employees.

GOOD’s most recent quarterly issue highlights the ins and outs of the workplace, including “The Top 20 Perks That Make Jobs Better.” GOOD is a partnership of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward, and exploring all that is good right now and what it can be.

Some of the perks in action: While on maternity leave, Google employees also get up to $500 of reimbursements for take-out food. If you work for Quicksilver, regular surfing sessions during the workday is encouraged. At Netflix, full time employees get unlimited rentals and unlimited vacation days.

It got me thinking about my own company and the benefits Pure offers. Along with the usual health benefits, matching retirement savings, vacation days, maternity leave and flexible work hours, Pure offers the following outstanding perks:

  • Karma Days, two paid days off annually to volunteer in our community.
  • Use of company cruiser bikes to run errands, grab lunch or just ride downtown. For your 5th anniversary, you also get a custom cruiser bike (I love mine!).
  • Recess time, foosball or pool for brain breaks or to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Has regular company building activities and outings like tickets to Rockies/Nuggets games, bocce ball and kickball tournaments, scavenger hunts, and the like.
  • Allows pets at the office.
  • Will pay up to 50% of the cost for accredited college courses if we wish to continue our education.
  • Paid incentives for published articles.

Even as a smaller company, Pure offers benefits that boost company morale, reenergizes workers and keeps me happy and devoted. How does your company measure up?



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