October 04, 2010

SEO Crush

Matt Cutts Crush, SEO Comic

Lots of pople want to experience great SEO. Here's a quick cheat sheet to help your content score well with the algorithm. FWIW, shrines are less effective. =)

In many instances SEO relies on keywords and how they are used. Some basic concepts are: keyword density, keyword prominence and keyword frequency. Understanding these phrases and knowing how to use SEO can help your site to succeed.

Keyword prominence

The placement of specific keywords can affect its prominence. Knowing where to strategically place keywords for best effect is an important component of successful SEO. For example, keywords placed at the top of the page is given a higher keyword prominence than those further down the website, or those placed within the site’s content. Generally, keywords should be placed at the top of a site, positioned within a title, used to begin sentences or embedded as a metatag. These locations give your keywords a high prominence. Search engines give prominent keywords a higher emphasis, which subsequently leads to your site placed in a higher page rank on search engine results.

Keyword density

Keyword density measures the number of keywords on a specific website. A keyword is any word or phrase that is used in online searches. For example, a site selling flowers may use any of the following keywords: “flower arrangements”, “red roses”, “florist”, “flower delivery” or “gifts”. Using a variety of related keywords instead of just one keyword, for example “flowers”, will help to drive more traffic from different sources to your site. This will result in more organic content and a higher page ranking. Your site will have a high keyword density if you have a large number of different keywords in your content.

Keyword frequency

Keyword frequency refers to how many times a specific keyword appears within your website. The difference between keyword frequency and keyword density is that the latter refers to how many different kinds of keywords your site contains; the former focuses on how many times one particular keyword appears within your content. You can have a webpage that is both keyword dense (has many different related and relevant keywords) and has a high keyword frequency (a keyword occurs many times). Repeating one particular keyword on a website can lead to a higher search engine ranking; however you should restrain yourself from going overboard as an overly high keyword frequency can make your content sound unnatural. Good quality, SEO rich content is ultimately what will help to drive customers to your site, and more importantly, engage them enough to make them want to stay.


If you want to dive deeper you'll need this link and a candle.

I heart Matt Cutts






For search engines, keywords are vital SEO elements, as they are what search sequences are matched against. That is why it is fundamental to optimize your site with the appropriate keywords.

Keywords are very important, but one thing to keep in mind is that your keywords should be naturally incorporated into your content, SEO has become less about keyword density and more about great content that will keep customers coming back. However, having the right keywords to get your site noticed, does matter!

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